Founded in 1994, Riverside Transport, Inc., RTI, is a strategically integrated, asset-forward logistics provider. And we continue to grow. In 1995 we operated with 95 trucks, and today our combined family of businesses owns more than 1200. Our focus on growth and superior service means that we execute quickly and at a high level in the domestic truckload market. While more and more companies are becoming asset light, we are eager to invest, providing both assets and logistics services to our satisfied customers.


We offer 4 core truck load products–dedicated service, consistent lane movement, expedited services, and ad-hoc truckload in 3 modes. These offerings operate synergistically across our trucking companies and brokerage. We layer our own asset and brokerage network with our customers to create value-added solutions producing long term scale and operating efficiency across a targeted spend.


Focused on service, we create areas of capacity where our customers need it. Because we operate two trucking companies–TLI and RTI–with their own networks, our brokerage gains market intelligence and strength by building carrier networks where we are already strong. We treat all carriers like our own fleet, helping them manage their own network and length of haul.


Originating from a family of trucking companies, our understanding of trucks and drivers runs deep. We know what it takes to make brokerage work–servicing the carrier and the driver and employing not only brokerage professionals, but also experts in fleet and driver management. This approach, a departure from the popular high-turnover brokerage model, returns better service to both the customer and the carrier.


Our shared logistics center means the fleet maintenance department for our assets operate out of the same building with the ability to assist with issues on brokerage loads. In addition, we provide a single point of contact for customers utilizing any product or business line: central tendering, tracking, communication for RTI, TLI, and Brokerage. And our Enterprise integrated TMS ensures complete visibility from pickup to delivery.